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Bartlett Joins CILCSA Advisory Committee

Andrew Bartlett owner and CEO of OOT Box Media has been asked to join the CILCSA Advisory Committee. The CILCSA Advisory Committee meets every six weeks to review upcoming proposed programs, make recommendations on programs and networking events, evaluates / votes on quarterly WOW winners (awarded to a person going above and beyond to drive customer service), and promotes CILCSA and customer service networking and awareness in Springfield.

From Toys for Tots drives to Superheroes cleaning windows at the children’s hospital, CILCSA members and WOW award winners believe that doing a job is one thing, but offering the very best in customer service while doing it is something else entirely. This local organization seeks the most community and customer service minded businesses to join their ranks with the end goal of making Springfield the “Friendliest City”. To help further this goal, the organization frequently holds events, seminars, and various other opportunities to not only expand your business and social network, but also add some smiles to the customer service experience.

Bartlett had this to say regarding the new appointment, “Since joining CILCSA back in June, I have been very impressed with the work they are doing and the positive impact they have not only on the business community, but the community as a whole. When asked to join the advisory committee, I knew it was a no brainer since customer service is so important in our business and that’s the very thing CILCSA was founded on. Springfield has given so much to myself and the many clients of OOT Box Media, so I look forward to building up and improving this city as much as possible.”

If you are interested in learning more about CILCSA or joining please be sure to check them out at:

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