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Andrew Joins CILCSA Executive Board

Andrew Bartlett, a member of the CILCSA advisory board has accepted a new role in the organization and has become part of the Executive Board helping to guide the group into the future. Joining leaders in fields such as tourism, manufacturing, retail, financial, and other Springfield business giants, Bartlett looks to the future of CILCSA and its growing membership. When asked about his decision regarding the new role, Andrew offered this,

“I am passionate about customer service and believe that truly great customer service plays a major role in the success of any city. Everything from the people in the city, to the tourists that visit temporarily, can be affected in a positive way by truly incredible customer service. Personally, when I go out to a store or really any place when I interact with an employee, and I have a great experience, it just makes me feel great! Thinking about Springfield as a whole and what I hope for the future of the city, customer service just seems to be a really good strategy in achieving that.”

The CILCSA board of directors has described Bartlett as “a true strategic partner since joining, using his talents and abilities to help us drive our visibility.” With so many positive backers and Bartlett’s own drive and passion for customer service, we can’t wait to see what direction CILCSA will go, and the future impact this great and growing organization will have on our fair city.

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