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Record Attendance at Paint The Street 2019

The Springfield Art Association hired us to handle the social media advertising / promotion for their largest event in Springfield, IL and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help out! We created a fun, but effective mix of content that included pictures, videos and graphics. Then we paired all of this content with proper social media advertising to the right targeted audience to best utilize the budget we were given. We were successfully able to help reach more people and get more event responses on social media than ever before which resulted in a record number of attendance / number of squares sold! Check out some of our content below:

This video would be considered our primary piece of content utilized. In a short period of time, with little money behind it we reached almost 43k people, had 692 reactions / comments / shares and almost 30k video views.

Some of the other examples of content we utilized are below. Several of these included animated text or moving backgrounds, but we have just shown the images for reference.

Need help promoting your next event? Contact us today and learn how we can help make it a huge hit!

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