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Producing Ads For Glenwood's Massive New 13.5' x 24' Scoreboard

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Have you seen Glenwood High School's MASSIVE new 13.5 foot x 24 foot digital scoreboard!? It is basically a VERY big TV and we were VERY excited when Jane Hay Sales & Staging Team reached out to us to produce three video advertisements that were going to play on it.

Services: Video Production, Green Screen Chroma Keying, Time Lapses, Motion Graphics, Script Writing, Professional Voice Over

Video #1:

Loud thunder / lightning & a professional ”god like” voiceover in the intro grabs the crowds attention and gets them to look up at the video. The lightning also ties in with the bolt that the team has on their helmets.

The script, voiceover and graphics all focus on informing the viewers of how staging helps when selling your home and that Jane Hay's team offers it free with every listing.

Time lapses provide interesting content to watch and the final shots show off how much better a home looks once it is staged. For the ending graphic we decided to just use the website for contact information because it is by far the easiest thing flr someone to remember.

Video #2:

This video shows highlights from the Paint The Town Red event that Jane Hay and her team sponsor. This is a great video because it shows how Jane and her team care about the community. It is also fun for people to watch and see if they spot themselves and/or someone they know in the video.

Video #3:

For the final video, we used the same intro from the first one to grab viewers attention. Then we utilized beautiful imagery to show off their huge warehouse full of items for staging homes, while Chroma Keying Jane over it all to talk about it.

Customer Review

" We needed some new advertising videos quick for the new scoreboard that Chatham High School put up on the football field. And a friend referred Andrew, and he did a fantastic job for us!! Of course everything was last minute and he accommodated us with patience and a smile! We did several different videos and one had most of our whole team in it which was 8 people and that could have gotten chaotic, but Andrew and his team directed us and we were done in no time! All our videos turned out great and look AWESOME on the TITAN SCOREBOARD!!! Thanks Andrew!!!"

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