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Creating Digital Marketing Campaign for the Memorial Health Championship Golf Tournament

OOT Box Media recently got the opportunity to work with Memorial Health Championship, presented by LRS to create their digital marketing campaign. They were so overwhelmed with trying to prepare for the tournament that they needed someone they could trust to come in, create the content, and execute an effective ad strategy. In the past, we produced a video for the Springfield Convention and Visitor's Bureau to promote the tournament when it used to be the Lincoln Land Charity Championship. They received so much positive feedback from that video, they knew they could trust us to handle the creative for this year's tournament.

With the tournament less than two months away we kicked it in to high gear! First we started with a kick off meeting with their team where we ironed out different details based off of their budget. Some of these details included what social platforms to focus on, messages / information that needed to be shared, what content was needed and much more.

Commercial Break

First order of business was to create a 15 second and 30 second commercial. These commercials were produced to primarily be utilized on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, but we made sure that they would work for television as well in case they wanted to run some TV commercials. On our site visit we knew we had to highlight the course these golfers were facing. What better way to do that than some sick drone shots of course?!

The commercial above was aired during a huge golf tournament. And not just any golf tournament, but the US Open!

The people needed to know that the tour is BACK! After the year everyone's had, we knew this event needed to be big and we wanted to bring their vision to life.

Graphic Design

With the help of our graphic designers, we were able to put together a bunch of graphics to highlight this event. From announcements to promotion, we created it all here in the studio. These graphics were presented throughout Memorial Health Championships social platforms with the help of our account management.

This promotional banner above will be advertised on various websites along with a few other promotional graphics. With this campaign we needed to reach a big crowd so utilizing different platforms helps us get the word out!

Here at OOT Box Media, we like to think Out Of The Box... It's important to get creative with your content. This was a pun we couldn't miss the opportunity of using. We thought it suited the event perfectly. These graphics are unFOREgetable if you ask me!

The event was eager for volunteers. With the right call-to-action, we created ads to direct volunteer registration to the right place. This is a technique we also used to increase online ticket sales.

Video Production

Not many would look at this video of a golfer flicking a fly and say "Lets make an ad out of that!". But we knew we had too. A blooper can turn into one of your favorite videos. How do you think it turned out?

Hole 17... The one hole that can ruin a round of golf in an instant. We knew we needed to highlight this one in its own video, because it gives the perfect preview of what the pros are about to face. Shooting this hole with an aerial drone makes it stand out.

Campaign Results

Behind all of this creative content we have some impressive numbers to show for it! Across just Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn and Google / YouTube we

  • Made over 1.2 million impressions

  • Reached over 666k people

  • Had over 280k video views

  • Sent almost 4,000 people to their website

By putting together a strategic content and ad strategy across multiple platform we were able to help the Memorial Health Championship attract volunteers, increase ticket sales, and build awareness of the event.

Are you ready to make your next event a success?! Contact us today and let's get started!


Check out Memorial Health Championship's social media below:

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