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A New Website for a Historic Restaurant

If you are from Springfield, IL or have visited then I am sure you know the iconic Dew Chilli Parlor name. If you do not, you know it now and are going to really get to know it as we help owners Mike & John take Dew to the next level!

A brief history

Dew Chilli Parlor has been a staple of Springfield's history for 111 years! Originally opening in 1909, Dew Chilli quickly became known for serving up some of the best chili there is. During Dew's history they have had a couple different locations and owners, but one thing always remained constant...the delicious tavern style chili. Fast forward to 2017 when owners Mike and John purchased Dew Chilli from Mark Robert III. Mike and John knew Dew could be much more and immediately started working to grow the menu and open new locations in Springfield. Today Springfield hosts 3 different Dew locations. Learn more about their history here.

Taking Dew to the next level

Mike & John have big dreams for Dew. They know they have an amazing concept and coming into 2020, they were ready to really step things up and bring Dew into the new decade right -- with a brand new website. One that still pays homage to the history of course, but one that can really show off what Dew is about. The food, the fun, the atmosphere and so much more. This is when they contacted us. We worked closely with them to put together this amazing new site that was modern, easy to use and most importantly... better served their customers. Now customers can easily browse the menu, find locations, order food, see what live music gigs are coming up, see new recipes and soon... EVEN ORDER THEIR FAMOUS CHILI RIGHT FROM THE SITE!!

Creating the Website

A lot went in to making this website what you see today. Of course a lot of planning and meetings, but one of the main things we knew was going to make this site amazing was some great photography of the locations, the food and the fun. So first thing first, we knocked out the food photography. In doing these photos we went through TONS of food dishes and took 100s of photos! You can see a little behind the scenes of how we did the photos in this video:

Besides food photos we took live music pictures, pictures of their gaming rooms, exterior location photos, Interior location photos, pictures of the bars --- pretty much any photo you see on the website besides the historic ones. Other services and features included were:

  • E-mail Marketing Integration

  • Live Instagram feed right on their website

  • Several custom forms for submitting catering requests, jobs, party room reservations & more

  • Online store

  • Blog where Dew can update it themselves (which also updates other parts of the website automatically)

  • Location map

  • Google Analytics

All in all this is definitely one of our favorite websites we have done. What do you think?!


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