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5 Interesting Facts About Instagram

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Is your company utilizing the Instagram platform? Is it worth it? What demographic uses Instagram the most? We cannot make you use Instagram, but we can help inform you on how big the platform is.


1. Instagram has 1 BILLION users

That's right.. Billion with a B. Only the social platforms Youtube & Facebook have more people logging in daily. Can you imagine having the chance to showcase your product or service to even 1% of that?!

2. 59% of U.S. Instagram users are under 30

Yep, under 30 and actually only between 18-29 years old. You need to be where your target audience is! Oh, also 33% of Instagram users are between 30 and 49 years old.

3. EVERY DAY 72% of teens use Instagram

The only platform beating Instagram among teens is Snapchat. BUT, only 54% of 13-17 year olds use Snapchat daily, compared to 63% for Instagram. Word of mouth is HUGE and teens love to talk, so get your product in front of them and get the buzz going!

4. Instagram is used by 35% of online adults

...and a whopping 28% of those online adults are in the US. They also have the money to buy your stuff! 42% of adults who use Instagram earn more than $75,000 a year!

  • 30% earn up to $30K/year

  • 42% earn $30K – $50K

  • 32% earn $50K – $75K

  • 42% earn $75K+

5. Videos increase 80% year-by-year

Instagram's not just for pictures... From 2017, the number of videos created each day quadrupled! Instagram users LOVE their video and in 2013, when Instagram added it, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours!!

These are all interesting statistics and just prove even further how important social media is to businesses. If you would like help in creating content for your pages and marketing it to the right target audiences contact us today. We would love to meet with you and educate you on how we can help grow your business!



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