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To promote next year's event you need to start at this year's

Promoting events can be a tricky thing, especially if it is the first year for the event. During an event's first year they don't have one of the most important things to promote the event -- visual content. By visual content we mean photos and videos. Content that allows you to show people what is happening at the event and that gives people an inside look as to what it is going to be like.. Due to this, people usually lean on graphics, text and stock imagery to market the first one -- and that is OK. You have to work with what you got. BUT, you do need to make sure you are planning for next year's event (or whenever the next one is) right now too so you can make it easier to promote and make it even MORE successful. What do we mean by this? Well you need to have someone there taking pictures and capturing video. THIS IS THE TIME TO GET THE CONTENT YOU NEED FOR NEXT YEAR!

Below is a video we did for the Elegant Bridal Expo this year. Now this was not their first expo and this isn't even the first video we have done for them, BUT we are sharing this as an example of what can be made at your event to help you promote the event for the next time it is going to happen. Imagine having to relay all of the amazing things happening in this video just through text or graphics. Now imagine how many more people you can get to attend your event by utilizing a video like this to market it! Bottom line... START PLANNING YOUR MARKETING FOR FUTURE EVENTS DURING THE CURRENT ONE!

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