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Partnering with the Central Illinois Customer Service Association

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The Power of “Word of Mouth”

One of the most powerful ways that businesses gain new customers is through the power of good “word of mouth” from current and former customers. That power is how we got connected with the Central Illinois Customer Service Association, a.k.a CILCSA, in the first place!

Tracy Dowell with the Springfield Running Center is a client of ours and a member of CILCSA. Members of CILCSA had started to praise her over a Tik-Tok blooper video that had been gaining popularity. Many members of the organization praised her over the video but she couldn’t take credit for it.

That's when we first get mentioned. Tracy mentioned that we actually made the video for them and how much she enjoys working with us. Next thing we knew, we received a very exciting lunch invitation.

The organization approached us not only about joining them, which we gladly accepted, but also to inquire about our services. That day led to OOT Box Media partnering with CILCSA to help create one of the "Friendliest Cities" in Illinois.

Let’s Create the “Friendliest City” in Illinois!

CILCSA has one major goal, to make Springfield, IL, and Central Illinois, the “Friendliest City” in the entire state. The organization strives to bring together individuals from all around the community to work together to create the best customer experience possible. Speakers, networking and providing help to local businesses are just some of the ways they are working together to try to come up with new ways to make a customer’s experience greater!

Desiree Logsdon, Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for Bunn-O-Matic and founding Board Member of CILCSA, says they created the organization to bring great customer service to great businesses and to create a stronger community.

Here at OOT Box, we make sure every customer has a memorable experience each time they work with us. Our office is full of exciting and interesting decorations, such as a grass wall, old cameras, and other cool knick-knacks. Having an office like this makes it memorable, staying on people’s minds after they leave.

Our staff here at OOT Box Media also strive to provide the best experience with our clients. We take time to get to know our clients, their wants and needs to provide them with the best-personalized plan for them. Taking this time to really sit with them and get to know them allows us to provide the best service possible!

Producing an ICONIC Video

Our first video for CILCSA was coverage of their first event in a year, keynote speaker Calvin Stovall, CEO of ICONIC Presentations. Stovall was brought in to energize and educate members. His presentation was all about how to continue to create a great experience even in our current world, welcoming back customers and making sure every customer service experience is ICONIC!

Covering an event this big takes lots of planning and thought. Between shooting interviews, background footage and event footage, it was a very busy day. Once that footage was brought back to the office, we could begin editing.

In the end, we were able to create an educational and entertaining piece for CILCSA. We accomplished not only promoting who CILCSA was and all the great they do but also promoting their event. CILCSA can now use our video in more ways than one, promotion and organization awareness!

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