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Helping A Company Sell Overseas w/ Video

Recently we were approached by a local company in Taylorville, IL who needed a video produced to help show off a piece of machinery they have. When we asked how and where it was going to be used (so we could decide the best way to produce it) we were pumped to learn it would be provided to their sales people in EUROPE to use in their sales presentations! They did not want any graphics or text -- just shots to show off the machine...

Now these machines seem fairly basic... takes a big metal cylinder, runs it back n' forth and cuts lines into it, BUT it is actually WAY more impressive than that. First of all, the metal cylinder it is holding weighs hundreds of pounds so you can imagine how strong the machine has to be to hold it, move it AND rotate it during all of this. Then there is a blade that is CUTTING THROUGH SOLID METAL OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Imagine how sharp and strong that blade has to be! Now, each of the lines it is cutting are also EXTREMELY precise because it runs through each line numerous times over a period of hours and then those lines have to match up with lines on others. On top of all of this, it does this ALL DAY! So amazing when you really take a minute to think about it!

Now to make this video exciting and fun to watch (as we always preach trying to do) we started with low light shots that sort of "tease" the parts and what it looks like / is. Then right as the music picks up, the lights come on and the machine gets to work. Close up, detailed shots show off the impressive blade and cutting. These then lead into shots of the machine from further back to reveal the whole thing at work.

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