Creating The Cell Medic Brand

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

We love when we have the opportunity to work with customers right from the beginning. Cell Medic came to us with their business idea and we were thrilled to help them get started.

Services performed included:

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design

  • Scheduling Software Integration

  • Social Media Account Setup

  • Content Creation

  • Registering of company with google

  • Video Production

  • Social Media Marketing / Advertising

  • Google AdWords Advertising

Cell Medic Logo Design Springfield, IL

1. The Logo

We started with getting a logo designed for them. The logo needed to instantly inform people that they repair broken phones. What better way to do so than incorporate a broken phone! haha -- from there we wanted to play off of the "Medic" part and use the traditional Medic Cross. To put a little bit of a spin on it, we placed it right over the broken screen so it gives the idea of a bandage on the phone. We also decided to utilize red, white and blue as the color pattern for a few different reasons. Medical crosses seem to almost always be red so we knew this would make people identify what it was quicker. The color blue evokes feelings of calmness that subconsciously helps relax people because lets face, when you break your phone you are anything but calm. Finally, of course, Red, White and Blue just makes the brand as AMERICAN as can be! Which people love!

Website Design in Springfield IL for Cell Medic

2. The Website

Now that we have the Logo completed and color scheme decided on, we need to start and create their online presence. This starts with their website. Not only did the website need to be clean and easy to use, but they wanted customers to be able to schedule their repairs right on the site. Challenge accepted. -- We researched and tested several different scheduling options, presented the pros and cons to the customer and helped them decide on which would be the best for them. Now, not only is it incorporated into their website, but they have a mobile app where they can manage their employees schedule, repair schedules, accept payments and tons of other capabilities to allow them to run their overall business. Oh, and the website represents their brand beautifully!!!

Visit their site:

3. Social Media Account Setup

After the website design was completed we rolled over the same look / branding into their social media accounts. We created profile pictures that fit perfectly whether in a circle or square, used a similar graphic as their home page for the header on their Facebook and started posting content for them. We also went through and made sure all accounts had the proper information, were connected with each other (when applicable) and connected with the website.

Visit their Facebook:

4. Video Production

To help explain their service and market it we produced a video about it (see beginning of BLOG post). This video was able to be used on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on their website. On Facebook a lone it has reached over 16, 000 people and had almost 10,000 views.

See their video on Facebook here

5. Online Marketing / Advertising

Now that the businesses has it's website, social media accounts and content created it was time to start getting the word out about it. We helped Cell Medic do this by putting together an online marketing plan and executed it across Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Past all of this, we have been there to provide advise, answer questions and just do anything we can to help our new customer succeed.

Customer Review

" Awesome company. Easy to work with, very creative and driven. Would definitely work with them again."